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Asphalt seems highly durable and resilient. However, it needs regular maintenance just like everything else around your property. All the following services should be done by a professional so that you get the most out of them.

Routine Cleanings

A special type of pressure washer needs to be used for asphalt. It is the only way to remove grease, paint and other substances that are difficult to remove with basic tools. All debris needs to be removed in a timely fashion so that it is not allowed to accumulate.

Repair Damage

Over time, potholes and cracks can develop within the asphalt. One crack may not seem like much, but it can quickly get bigger until you have a real problem on your hands. The longer you wait to fill a pothole, the more expensive the job of filling it is going to become.

Seal the Surface

After all repairs have been made, get a sealant for the surface of the asphalt. This offers an extra layer of protection to prevent any kind of damage. Even if your asphalt is holding up fairly well, you should still get it sealed once every two years no matter what.

You likely do not have the tools and materials required to do these tasks. Fortunately, you have nothing to fear when you hire a professional to do this work. Contact Preferred Asphalt Inc. today at 317-823-4453 to find a stellar company.