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When professionally installed and maintained, your asphalt or concrete hard-surface pavement will last for decades. Choosing the right material for your project will prevent unnecessary maintenance down the road for years to come. 

The Benefits of Asphalt

When the choice is between asphalt and concrete, there is a reason contractors choose asphalt 90 percent of the time. With comparatively low installation costs and an increased physical flexibility, asphalt is the go-to material for the greatest variety of soil types. 

When to use Concrete

While concrete lags in its range of applicability, it makes up for in its structural stability. There are specific scenarios in which the strengths of concrete, in a literal as well as figurative sense, are especially important. The greater strength and rigidity of concrete is able to withstand heavier wheel load, making it ideal for loading docks, bus stops and warehouse slabs, or any other area subjected to a heavier weight on a regular basis

Lifetime Costs

Initially, asphalt pavements represent the lowest overall investment, while concrete is typically more expensive to install. Over the lifetime of your hard-surface pavement, asphalt may require more upkeep, especially if improperly installed. The lifetime cost tends to equalize between the two materials. 

While there are select occasions for choosing concrete, asphalt is the best choice for the widest range of construction projects. Choosing the right building material and partnering with a skilled professional installer will save you substantial money and headaches down the road. Contact Preferred Asphalt Inc. today at 317-823-4453 to learn more about which hard-surface pavement material is right for you.