Maintaining the asphalt in your driveway or on the road is important for a variety of reasons such as safety and aesthetic reasons. Here are some benefits to applying a seal coating over your driveway or road. The key benefit to sealing your asphalt is preventive maintenance, and there are a variety of ways that this is achieved.

Prevents Large Cracks

Sealing the road seals up small cracks before they can turn into large cracks. This is because water can seep through the cracks if they are not sealed, and water getting into the base material can be bad for the road. It can also freeze in cold temperatures, causing a freeze-thaw cycle that will create large cracks.

Better-Looking Parking Lots

Another benefit to seal coating asphalt is that it improves the appearance of the asphalt. It will make it look like new as well as keep it looking cleaner due to a lack of pores for dirt and debris to get stuck in.

More Resistant to Heavy Traffic

A sealed asphalt surface attracts more heat from the sun, which makes it more pliable. This allows the asphalt to stand up to traffic without cracking.

Sealing costs pennies per square foot, where repairing or replacing the damaged asphalt later will cost much more. To get started on asphalt sealcoating, contact Preferred Asphalt Inc. in Indianapolis today.