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One vitally important thing to know about concrete is how different weather conditions affect the surface being used. With this knowledge, the right planning can be in place to keep materials maintained.

In the Harshest Climates

In climates like those found in the Midwestern United States, it is important to know that concrete can and does become damaged over time by the extreme cold faced in the winter months. There is therefore some upkeep that must be kept going to continue safe use of road surfaces and other areas outdoors.

Wet Conditions

Wet weather is also part of the winter months. As cold weather continues for longer and longer, the bottom layer is simply moisture that is packed down and will eventually wear down existing concrete.

It is true that advances are regularly made in the design of new concrete products to aid in dealing with moisture and its impact on asphalt. Knowing when to enact safety measures for concrete and other surfaces is half the battle. Calling in a professional can get the ball rolling to know what to do and how much care is needed. Find the right company near you to assess asphalt repair needs that your area may have. Contact Preferred Asphalt Inc. today at 317-823-4453 for more information on practical steps to work on your surfaces after winter conditions.