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Expert Asphalt Paving in Indianapolis

At Preferred Asphalt Inc., we offer the services and products you need most for all your paving needs in Indianapolis. Asphalt paving is a material that can be used for various applications and is a popular choice among home and business owners. You’ll see it in parking lots, on roadways, in driveways and on recreational surfaces. After installation, it’s important to maintain the surface with repairs, patching, resurfacing and sometimes replacement.


Know the Differences Compared to Concrete

While both asphalt and concrete are great materials and create durable surfaces, there are some reasons you might choose asphalt over concrete. The following will outline some of the differences to help you make that decision:

  • Cost – Asphalt is less expensive than concrete, so if you’re doing a large job, you may consider the lower cost a benefit.
  • Immediate Use – While both materials are durable after installation, asphalt can be used almost immediately after it has been poured. This is especially useful for busy roadways.
  • Maintenance – Asphalt actually requires more maintenance than concrete, but it’s an easy process with little effort.
  • Crack Repairs – Both asphalt and concrete can be repaired with simple patches made from the same material if they crack. Asphalt cracks are easier to fill and can be sealed to prevent further cracking or damage.
  • Weathering – Concrete can crack if it is under extreme pressure or weathering, but can always be repaired. Asphalt tends to expand and shrink during changes in weather and temperature.
  • Stains – It is more difficult to notice stains left by gas and oil on a dark asphalt driveway, but it can become more damaged than concrete if it is not sealed properly.

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