Demarcate Your Paved Surface With Asphalt Striping in Indianapolis


Having a well-marked roadway or parking lot is essential and part of the law. Your customers and clients will notice the markings and will follow them as they seek direction in where to drive and where to park. At Preferred Asphalt Inc. in Indianapolis, we offer a complete line of asphalt striping services. We know how important it is to have proper stop bars, pickup areas, crosswalks, parking stalls, road markings and other special indicators. With our experience and training, we ensure that your area is compliant with the ADA guidelines for property owners.

Asphalt Striping — Ashpalt in Indianapolis, IN

The Benefits of Pavement Marking

Whether for parking stalls, roads or loading zones, there are many benefits of pavement marking. They include, but are not limited to:

  • ADA Compliance – This ensures a safe parking zone for your special-needs clients, and also keeps you in business as you comply with the law.
  • Better Traffic Flow – Your markings can help drivers know which direction to take their vehicles, when to stop and where to park.
  • Better Pedestrian Flow – Markings such as crosswalks will help pedestrians stay safe with a designated crossing spot.
  • Improved Aesthetics – In business, first impressions do matter. With an organized and tidy parking area, your clients will be impressed by the ease of flow.
  • Variety – At Preferred Asphalt Inc., we offer asphalt striping for various applications.
  • Space Maximization – When you have designated parking spaces, the overall space of your lot will be maximized and orderly.

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Whether you plan to have your complete parking lot painted with parking stalls or need some help in directing traffic, Preferred Asphalt Inc. in Indianapolis has the answer. Our paving company specializes in all things related to the pavement, including striping and painting services. Contact us at (317) 823-4453 to schedule our services today.