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Concrete Slabs for Driveways in Indianapolis

When it comes to concrete slabs for your Indianapolis driveway, you won’t find more experience and better service than at Preferred Asphalt Inc. We understand what it takes to create a concrete slab that will withstand everything it goes through. These slabs come in a variety of different forms and offer various advantages. Most paving or patio slabs are made from concrete, as it embodies high energy.

A slab is created to absorb heat during the winter – the heat will be stored and used for many hours. It is also created to dissipate heat during the summer as the cool night breezes blow through. Fortunately, concrete driveways or a patio slab can last for many years when installed and maintained properly. At Preferred Asphalt Inc., we will ensure the installation and help you ensure the maintenance.

concrete driveways

Patios, Roadways and More

A concrete slab could be used in a variety of applications. Some of the most common places paving slabs are used are patios, driveways, roadways, building construction and recreational surfaces. The two main types of slabs we pour are:

  • Slab-on-ground – As the most common type, there are two variants with a slab-on-ground. First are waffle pod slabs, which are insulated from beneath the piece. Second are conventional slabs, which can be insulated from beneath the actual floor panels
  • Suspended – A suspended slab can be formed and poured with removable or permanent formwork. Both will create different ways of reinforcing the end product.

If you are worried about heat damage, longevity or termites, a slab is a great solution. Speaking to a contractor will help you understand how long in advance to schedule your installation prior to the construction of your project.

Getting Started

To learn more about a paving slab or other forms of asphalt paving, contact Preferred Asphalt Inc. today. We look forward to handling your pavement and asphalt needs in Indianapolis. Give us a call at 317-823-4452, and let’s get started.